Who or what is the Expressionist? I have been using this synonym for my photography for some time now. I want my photos to emphasise a certain expression in the scene captured. I achieve this by concentrating on the essential elements of my image, which I like to emphasise by working with an open aperture and a correspondingly shallow depth of field.

Some time ago I started using the term expressionist as a kind of trademark. On the platforms of the so-called social media1 I had abbreviated the name to xprssnst or as an account name without vowels2.

I present my photographs in black and white, using a self-mixed colouring of the highlights and shadows in cyan or sepia.

  1. I have not used these platforms for some time now, with a few exceptions. 

  2. And the last, very reduced designation then became my internet address. The xprssn for the expression becomes the expressionist with .st - the person who creates this expression with the photos. By the way, st is the Internet address of São Tomé e Príncipe - a small paradise off the African coast. A side note: entering also leads to my website.