Who or what is the expressionist? I have been using this synonym for my photography for some time. With my photos, I want to emphasise a certain expression in the scene captured in each case. I achieve this by concentrating on the essential components of my image, which I like to emphasise by working with an open aperture and a correspondingly shallow depth of field.

I then used the term Expressionist as a kind of trademark some time ago and also aligned my internet domain with it. On social media platforms, I had abbreviated the name as an account designation without vowels to xprssnst and respectively. And the last, very reduced name became my internet address some time ago. The xprssn for the expression turns with .st to the expressionist - the person who creates this expression with the photos.

The way to a simple logo with recognition factor was then not far away. The square brackets form the frame of the picture, as one does with the viewfinder of the camera, and the X symbolises the subject in this frame.

I present my photographs here exclusively in black and white and preferably in 1:1 format. I use a self-mixed colouring of the highlights and shadows in cyan and sepia respectively.

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