News from my world of photography.

  • Extending the exhibition in Husum

    | expressionist

    Last Sunday we were busy at the House of Photography in Husum: we moved the exhibition from the ground floor to the 1st floor. This is because there is an extension, and it will take place on the 1st floor until the end of May. I am happy to be able to present the pictures in Husum for two months...

  • Exhibition opened

    | expressionist

    Last Sunday was the final stage in Husum: with strong support (thank you very much!!), the pictures were changed at the House of Photography in Husum...

  • 36 photographs will be framed

    | expressionist

    Today a little look behind the scenes. To put a few pictures on the walls of a gallery or museum, some preparation is necessary...

  • LONDON at the House of Photography in Husum

    | expressionist

    The preparations for the exhibition are underway and the posters have been printed and hung up. In the meantime, winter ...

  • Exhibition LONDON

    | expressionist

    London - one of the most interesting and impressive cities I have come across so far. For the past ten years, I have been there regularly for client projects in my current main job as a self-employed consultant and trainer, and I always have a camera in my bag. The selected pictures were taken...

  • The new website is open

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    The new website is up and running. The layout is deliberately simple, without technical ballast, but designed for growth...